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AOL + Gravity, Welcome to the Personal Web

Aol Logo (Black)

When Steve, Jim and I came together nearly five years ago to start a yet-to-even-be-named company, we had a very ambitious dream. We believed that beyond search, beyond social, there was a better way to organize the entire internet, a way to organize it just for you. We believed that, with the right data and technology, we could breakdown the need for a person to search for stuff they’re interested in, or hope it would be shared with them, to having the very best content, commerce, ads, videos search for them. We call this the personal web. In order to achieve this dream, we spent years developing a new technology, a new framework, we call the Interest Graph. Over the past year, we’ve deployed that technology and proven its incredible performance lift. And, now, as part of the AOL family, we believe our dream will become a reality. To say that 2013 was a breakthrough year for us at Gravity in an understatement.

  • We launched our personalization APIs early in the year and our publisher network grew from zero to over one billion personalized page views in less than twelve months.
  • We  saw phenomenal revenue growth and success applying the Interest Graph to advertising.
  • And we signed partnerships with several of the biggest sites on the web…one of which was AOL.

By joining forces with AOL, we’ll be taking a huge step towards making our dream of a personalized internet a reality. Their network consists of some of the very biggest and best publishers and advertisers on the internet, and we have the personalization platform that will completely transform their sites and experiences to work better for each and every user. We have a shared vision that every website you visit should build a personal relationship with you, presenting you a mix of content that everyone should see and that you personally will likely be interested in. Just as Facebook is the fabric that’s made the web social and Google is that for search, AOL + Gravity will give the web the platform that makes experiences personal. I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.


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