Book Report: Amazon Kindle versus the Barnes & Noble Nook

Summer is allegedly winding down (though it’s hard to tell with this aggressive heat wave going on in LA), which means it’s back to school season. I remember having to shoulder that massive sack of heavy books and drag it around campus. But students today no longer literally carry such an oppressive load. Now one e-reader can replace a ton of textbooks, but like teachers, not all e-readers are created equal. We did a little research, some cross-referencing, and took a look at what students of e-reader competitors, Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook, are into. Read more →


Mad Men: Alcoholism, Sex and Kanye

It's the final season of Mad Men and fans have a lot of questions they're waiting to have answered. Has Don Draper finally hit rock bottom? Can Joan prove her worth as a partner? Is Peggy the only one at the agency that cares? While many folks are asking if this story will see a similar ending to the Sopranos, does Matthew Weiner have other surprises in store for this show's devoted followers? Read more →


What Your Electric Car Says About You

As an American, I take a certain amount of pride in the high standard of living made possible via an economy built on liquified dinosaurs (sweet sweet fossil fuels).  There are some subversive elements in our society, however, that would like their grandchildren to have breathable air and non-poisonous water.  They have elected to drive electric cars.  While this post is not sponsored by the kind, almost Colonel Sanders-esque, big oil companies, I am sure they would appreciate our attempt to shine a light on these alternative energy deviants.  So let us consider the Prius, the Tesla Model S, and their devotees.

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