Tis the season for gamers, on June 10th, the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo pressed play here in LA. We leveled-up and went gamer-centric with our infographics; first looking at the audience of Video Game enthusiasts as a whole:


Video Game Highlights:

–   Gamers are more lovers than fighters. They demonstrate a very strong interest in Relationship topics in general, and a much stronger interest in topics like Sex and Love than they do in competitive sports like Basketball or Football. (28% more interested in Sex than Basketball, 33% more interested in Love than the NFL)

–   Aside from video games, gamers have a strong interest in Music, Pop Music in particular. Artists like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Lady Gaga came up with relatively high percentages of interest.

–   Gamers are progressive in their approach to business; they have a marked interest in topics like crowdfunding (in general), Kickstarter, IndieGogo, and emerging markets.

I love video games. However, I am rather particular about my gaming tastes. Many game players are. For example, I’m a Zelda girl (Ocarina of Time never gets old), my college friends were all about Madden, whereas my mom has time for nothing but Diablo. Since Halo and The Legend of Zelda are buzz topics at E3 this year, we decided to take a deeper look and into the minds of the fans of each of these game franchises to illuminate their distinctive dispositions.

First up is Zelda (FTW):


The Legend of Zelda Highlights:

  • Zelda fans are very into comic book heroes, with the highest interest being in Batman (41% of audience interest)
  • As far as gaming consoles go, they are most interested in the Nintendo Wii (89%) followed by Xbox (79%)
  • Zelda fans love fantasy topics like dragons, zombies, and magic
  • Though they do not have a strong overall interest in sports, they are most interested in the NFL.

And now we have Halo:


Halo Highlights:

  • Halo-ers are likely to be glowstick friendly. They demonstrate a strong interest in dance, dance music, techno and Moogfest.
  • Though most of Halo Nation is into dragons and zombies like the fans of Zelda, they also have a marked interest in galaxy-related geekness. Topics like space, space station, astronauts, and NASA were prevalent.
  • Halo fans prefer a more posh lifestyle; they demonstrate a strong interest in topics such as luxury merchandise, interior design, and boating.
  • In contrast to the Zelda fans, Halo-ers are more interested in basketball than football.

It’s pretty awesome to see how unique Halo and Zelda fans are, especially when compared directly against each other. The bar graphs below show how Halo and Zelda fans compare on specific topics. On the Halo graph, the center line represents the average Zelda fan, and inversely, on the Zelda graph, the center line represents the average Halo fan.

zeldavshalo_interestgraph (1)

Fascinating, yes? Though fans of both Zelda and Halo have a lot in common due to their mutual interest in video games, they are not only distinct audiences in relation to the greater video game fan audience, but also very unique in relation to each other. Hope you enjoyed these as much as we enjoyed making them. Don’t forget to save at the next save spot.

zeldavshalo_interestgraph (1)