We all love the technology and the fun, magical Interest Graphs, but people tend to forget that Gravity is also made up of some pretty amazing individuals. We’d like to introduce them to you. The Meet The Graviteers series will share a brief inside look at the people that are Gravity.

State your name and title, please.

Dan Nikkel, Director of UX/UI.

What do you do at Gravity?

I try to make user interfaces intuitive, usable and pretty which are benchmarks that I think all 7 billion of us can agree on ;)

How long have you been with the company?

I think it’s coming up on 4 years now.

What do you think makes Gravity unique?

People: They are the best!  The culture: It’s the best!  Our tech and the interest graph. Also, the best!

What is your favorite cuisine?

Steak and mashers from The Kitchen in Fort Collins, CO.

How do you get your news every day?

Via Robbie Coleman in the Gravity humor chat channel. He will preface any newsworthy posts with “This is NOT funny!” so we know it’s real news. I also check CNN.com and DenverBroncos.com so I know what Peyton Manning had for breakfast every morning ;)

Quick! Pick one:

  • Childhood dream job? Pitcher for the Colorado Rockies… weird that didn’t pan out.
  • How do you take your coffee or tea? Little cream, no sugar.
  • What’s the last song you listened to? The song that comes to mind is “All About that Bass.”  (Also my 3 year old’s favorite right now.)
  • Favorite Holiday? That’s a tough one. Can I say all of them? Because it makes you appreciate the season that you are in. Also, Madonna’s 1983 hit is pretty solid.
  • Planes, Trains or Automobiles? Trains, mainly because my boys love trains. Thomas the Tank Engine is a kind of a big deal.