We all love the technology and the fun, magical Interest Graphs, but people tend to forget that Gravity is also made up of some pretty amazing individuals. We’d like to introduce them to you. The Meet The Graviteers series will share a brief inside look at the people that are Gravity.

State your name and title, please.

Josef Pfeiffer, Senior Director of Business Development.

What do you do at Gravity?

I help lead the team that works with publishers.

How long have you been with the company?

About 2 ½ years – I started in the fall of 2012 and came from The Wall Street Journal.

What is your favorite part about working for Gravity?

My favorite part about working at Gravity is that everyone does a little bit of everything. There are still experts in specific areas, but our business people know about product, our engineers know a bit about business and so on. There is a culture that encourages learning and curiosity within the company which is very unique.

How do you get your news every day?

Oh boy! From my days at The Wall Street Journal, I still consume news more like a journalist and less like a real human. I am adamant about an RSS app called Reeder, which is built to monitor a fire hose of content produced on a bunch of websites. I easily read 1,000 headlines a day on Reeder. Twitter is always open on my desk, where I track live conversations – especially around breaking news or live events. I also love The Information.com and The Economist for more long form pieces.

If you could eat one thing/meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My mother’s homemade whole wheat-brown bread because it is my favorite comfort food.

Quick! Pick one:

  • Childhood dream job? I wanted to be a heart surgeon when I was really young but by high school I realized I wanted to do internet stuff. Gravity was my dream job, I just didn’t know it yet.
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla.
  • What do you do in your spare time? Besides reading news, I am rebuilding an old 1976 Honda motorcycle.
  • What’s the last song you listened to? Chet Faker, Gold.
  • Favorite place in the world? With my fiancée, Elyse.