Winter is no longer coming. It’s here, bringing with it a high tide of ugly sweaters, holiday parties, hot toddies, and, in most places that aren’t Los Angeles, snow! Tis the season to dress like the Michelin man and hit the slopes. This month, we pay homage to the lords and ladies of winter sports with this Skiing Versus Snowboarding Infographic Battle. Skiers take the first run.


** **

  • Skiers are likely to be rather particular when it comes to food. They have a strong interest in veganism, organic coffee, tea, and sustainable gardening.
  • They also enjoy a posh lifestyle. They demonstrate a strong interest in topics like wine, luxury and private schools.
  • Skiers are very health conscious. They have a strong interest in a wide variety of health interest from exercise, clinical nutrition, strength training, and weight loss to naturopathic medicine and skin care.

Drop your poles as we switch gears to take a look at what Snowboarders prefer.



** **

  • Snowboarders are tech friendly. They have a stronger interest in social media like Twitter and Instagram than skiers. They also have a notably strong interest in smart watches.
  • They love their cars. Snowboarders demonstrate a comparatively strong interest in SUVs, electric vehicles and cars of Toyota, Lexus, and Ford kind.
  • They are more interested in business topics than their Skier compatriots. They demonstrate a strong interest in finance, economics, sales, and the stock market.

** **

Here’s a little friendly competition, Skiers versus Snowboarders go head to head and we can see how their levels of interest compare on the same topics. Ready…. Go!


** **

Competition between skiers and snowboarders can get pretty intense.  Whichever method you prefer to barrel down a mountain enjoying this season’s powder, hope you have fun out there and maybe these interests graphs can give you a few talking point to break the ice on the awkward chair lift trip with a complete stranger.  Happy Holidays!