Opt-Out from Personalization

If you’d like to opt-out of Gravity Personalization across the internet simply click the button below. You can always opt back in by clicking the same button.

How Our Personalization Works

What is Gravity Personalization?
Gravity Personalization helps websites deliver personalized recommendations to their readers. It recommends articles you might like based on past articles you’ve read or shared and the topics and stories that are important right now.

How does Gravity Personalization work?
Gravity Personalization takes into consideration information such as your past reading and sharing history, the most popular stories right now, and input from editors in order to recommend stories that you might like. Gravity Personalization uses this information to ensure that you always receive well-balanced, serendipitous recommendations about 1) topics you’re already interested in, 2) topics you might become interested in in the future, and 3) topics that are important right now.

Where can I find Gravity Personalization?
Lots of popular sites use Gravity Personalization. Look for a link that says “Personalization powered by Gravity” or “This content is Personalized.”

How do I start using Gravity Personalization?
Websites using Gravity Personalization display a link that says “Personalization powered by Gravity” or “This content is personalized” on sections of their site that display personalized recommendations. You don’t need to do anything to get started, just keep reading and sharing articles that interest you on these websites. Gravity Personalization uses technology called cookies to generate your reading history; if you have cookies disabled, or if you delete your cookies, Gravity Personalization will not function properly.

How can I turn Gravity Personalization off?
If you’d prefer to see non-personalized recommendations, you can opt-out of Gravity Personalization by clicking the Opt Out button at the top of this page or by visiting http://www.networkadvertising.org/choices/ and selecting AOL Advertising on the opt-out tool. You can also set your browser to block cookies in your browser settings.

Why do I see recommendations for stories I’m not interested in?
Recommendations are based on your reading and sharing history, the most popular stories right now, and editorial input. You might see a story you don’t like for a few reasons: 1) if you have a limited reading history, you will receive more recommendations for popular stories and stories picked for you by editors, 2) you might see a story that is very popular with other readers but that you are not interested in, or 3) you might see a story that has been picked by an editor that you are not interested in. The more content you read, the better your recommendations will be, but you’ll always see popular and editorial stories that might not be for you.

If I only read about a few topics, will I only get recommendations for those topics?
No. In addition to your reading history, Gravity Personalization also takes into account what topics and stories are popular right now (based on what other people are reading and sharing) and what stories editors have picked. While reading about a limited number of topics will affect some of the stories that are recommended to you, we want to make sure you have a well-balanced and serendipitous experience and don’t miss anything big.

How frequently are new recommendations generated?
New recommendations are generated every few minutes. However, your recommendations might not change if there are no new stories to recommend in this period, or if you haven’t read any new stories that might influence your recommendations.

Why does Gravity Personalization recommend articles I’ve already read?
Gravity uses cookies to generate your reading history. If you delete your cookies, opt-out of Gravity Personalization, or visit the same website from a different browser, computer or device which has its own cookies, you may see stories that you’ve already read. We’re working on ways to allow you to log in to sync your reading histories.

Can I customize my Gravity Personalization profile?
We don’t currently support any user customization. You can change what recommendations appear by reading more or less about a specific topic.

I’m concerned about privacy. What personal information does Gravity Personalization collect?
We collect and use your reading history and certain browser data (such as which browser or operating system you use) in order to provide you relevant recommendations and experiences through the websites that we work with. For detailed information about our privacy and information policies, please review the AOL Privacy Policy.

Can Gravity Personalization use Facebook or other social media activity?
Yes, but only if you decide to connect your account with Gravity Personalization. If you connect your account, Gravity Personalization can analyze your updates and sharing activity to augment your reading history. By connecting your social account you will provide certain personal information to us, such as your name, email or username.

Does Gravity Personalization work on mobile devices?
Yes. Gravity Personalization works on any internet connected device. However, whether or not a website uses Gravity Personalization in their mobile web site or app is at the discretion of the website operator.

Where can I send feedback on Gravity Personalization?
Please send any feedback to sayhello [at] gravity.com. We look forward to hearing from you.