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Information overload! People are inundated with information and choices. In this environment, it’s hard for people to find the content that will interest them most on your site. Gravity helps your users find compelling content - enhancing user engagement.

Our interest graph technology enables truly personalized content experiences - that means a better experience for your users.

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Benefits & Features: Publishers


Keep users on your site longer with personalized on-site content recommendations. Recommendations adapt on a per-person basis based to what a person consumes on your site and what’s trending right now - instead of just what's the most popular at that time.

Easy Implementation

Get started with personalized content in minutes. Just copy and paste our javascript tags or leverage our intuitive APIs. Our APIs enable platforms, networks, and aggregators to take advantage of personalized content, and help traditional publishers and app developers create deeper personalized experiences.

Personalized content recommendations

Personalized content recommendations help people find the content they’ll love across the web or on your site.

The interest graph enables the super-duper personalization of content recommendations. If you’re a publisher, that means a better experience for your users and more coin in your piggy bank.

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