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Get a Personalized Newsfeed on Every Site



  • Highlighter

    The Web, Personalized Just For You

    Your favorite websites have a lot of awesome stories to read, it's just hard to actually find them. Try our little Chrome Extension which Highlights the best stories based on your Interest Graph. No biggie, it just personalizes the entire internet.

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Personalize Your Website


  • API

    A Platform for Personalization

    Personalization is more than just putting a module at the bottom of a website that says "Recommended For You". The Gravity API can personalize anything on the internet - an entire home page, a video channel, mobile/tablet apps or even connected TV's.

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  • Personalized Plugins

    Engage Readers and Earn New Revenue

    Add personalized recommendations to your site where you want them. Gravity can provide you a personalized newsfeed for your rail or for the end of your articles. Not only do they boost engagement, they earn you revenue through Sponsored Stories.

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  • Sidebar

    Your News Feed

    The Gravity Sidebar gives your readers a personalized newsfeed of the best content on your site tailored to their interests. Anytime they visit your site from Google, Facebook or Twitter, it slides in to help them discover the very best content available and guides them down a path to read more and more.

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Promote Your Content and Brand



  • Sponsored Stories

    For Brands

    Leading brands use Gravity to drive awareness of their company, products, and services. Gravity promotes content you've created or media coverage you've earned to a qualified audience across our publisher network.

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  • Sponsored Stories

    For Content Publishers

    Content publishers use Sponsored Stories to grow their audience, achieve page view goals, and drive traffic to over sold sections and media. Gravity analyzes your content and only makes recommendations to people who are likely to engage with it.

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  • Sponsored Stories

    For Performance-Driven Buyers

    Performance-driven buyers use Gravity to promote content about their products and services. Promoting editorial content helps grow the size of your conversion funnel, while interest based targeting ensures your ROI goals are met.

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