Thanksgiving Special: Pie Wars

This week, we give thanks for all the great things in our lives. In particular, we give thanks for pie. Who doesn’t love pie? Pie is a many splendored thing. What kind of pie you prefer can actually say quite a bit about you. Today, in our Pie Wars Interest Graph Series, we honor the stars of the season -- Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie -- and take a look at the recipe of interests that make up Apple and Pumpkin Pie eaters. Read more →


Halloween Special Edition: Vampires Versus Zombies

It’s Halloween at last, and on a Friday! Finally you can exercise your right to parade around town in that sexy sea turtle costume or sweet Sharknado suit, while either trick or treating with a horde of mini monsters or swilling zombies and Patron shots. Speaking of zombies, to pay respect to the undead on this All Hallows’ Eve, we unburied some data to create this monster mashup - Vampires versus Zombies Infographic Battle. Read more →


Broadcast Interactive Media Partnership

We’re excited to announce the BIMLocal Ad Optimization Platform is joining Gravity as a new partner adopting our industry-leading personalization technology throughout its network of 3,000 news and information sites. This partnership will allow BIMLocal, part of Broadcast Interactive Media, to provide personalization for its partners as a means to tailor site experiences to individual user interests.

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